A multidisciplinary team of experienced problem-solvers.


We are passionate about our work.

We thrive on each research iteration to search, define, ideate and test. Our team of experts can design and execute a lean and user-centric approach specific to your objectives.

We are expert facilitators.

And we have proof! We are a Samaipata Service Provider, one of the Miro Expert agencies worldwide, and hold an official certification to facilitate Design Sprints.

Meet our superheroes.


Vicenç Martí

He’s not an executive nor is he a passive investor. With a portfolio approach to life and business, he is also President of Tangelo Games, a leading publicly quoted social gaming company, President of Billy Mobile, an ad-tech mobile-only innovative company, and President to Elrow, a leader in music events around the world.


Irene Trilla

An experimental psychologist always motivated to understand human behavior. She holds a Master’s degree in neuroscience and is currently finishing a doctorate at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Now she is ready to apply her research skills, rigour and analytic mind to user-centric research.


Sara Preciado

With a background in communication and video editing, she is imaginative, intuitive and restless. Always open to learn, interested in understanding people's behavior and finding meaning in it. Now with a specialization in UX UI Design, she is ready to step into the world of research and make the most of herself.


Francisco García

Working in the design industry for companies such as RAPP Collins, Ogilvy, eDreams ODIGEO, and a wide range of startups, he is fluent in UX and UI design, user-centric research and product testing. He is also a certified Design Sprint Facilitator, an innovation-driven process created by Google Ventures. 


David Tomaseti

An enthusiastic UX/UI Designer with a social work background. He has worked for 4 years in the social's field and he is very interested about understanding people and solving problems by referring to design thinking and adopting a user-centric focus. He obtained his certificate in UX/UI Design at Ironhack.


Kala Daryanani

A thoughtful designer with a background in functional sportswear design. Having worked as a designer for 3 years, she discovered her love for functional design and pursued a degree in UX/UI Design at Ironhack. She now strives to help solve problems by creating user-centric solutions with a lean mindset.


Maru Latournerie

A curious designer who specializes in research for over 10 years. She has experience in research projects, change management, communication & implementation of findings in projects in the US, LATAM, and Europe. She obtained a Master’s degree in Research and Innovation for Design at ELISAVA. 


Nicole Pagnut

Creative designer who loves research, strategies and impactful concepts. Her background as an innovator and advertiser taught her that creativity is about learning to ask the right questions at the right time, and to ask them with empathy . As a side note, she likes interactive technologies and cooking


For us, people come first. On the other side of every product or service, there is always another person.

The values we live and work by.

Over the past 5 years, our multidisciplinary team based in Barcelona has helped companies in various industries and sectors across international markets.


No bullshit, we save time and resources. We are honest and get to the point swiftly.


We raise the bar. We do not believe in the classic "we have always done it that way"; everything can be improved.


We are curious and humble. If we don't know it, we learn it. If it doesn't exist, we create it together.


We stand on the shoulders of giants. To help and to share what we know is important to us.

Emilio Moreno iVoox

Emilio Moreno 

iVoox, CEO

They brought forward to our team a scientific approach to product design.


Dr Michael O'Neill 

HumanSpace, Founder

They are so effective because their process integrates an understanding of business strategy, brand, user experience and technology.


Uri Altell

In-Edit Festival, CEO

It did not remain on the surface, instead it was deepened in an understandable, strategic and realistic way for the reality of the company."