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Research can be easy and fun.


Research for user profiling, rebranding, portfolio and new markets.

To create better products and services, knowing who your users are and what they want is key. For years, we have worked with Colvin to support their teams in adopting a user-centric approach and taking evidence-based decisions across all their markets. 

Research to improve the user’s digital experience.

How can we improve the searchability, findability and legibility of PortAventura World’s website to help increase conversion and revenue. Together with their e-commerce team, we work to better understand how users interact with their digital product and create better experiences. 

Research to better understand the user's problems, needs and motivations.

In a new sector, where best practices and user experience guidelines are not yet well-established, it is crucial to first understand the experience of the real end user. Together with the Wallbox's product team, we designed digital experiences that add real value to electric vehicle drivers worldwide. 

Gino Micacchi ABA English

Gino Micacchi 

ABA English, COO

It’s definitely reassuring to bring a scientific method into our process. We have been able to validate hypothesis and insights before investing resources.


Sergi Bastardas 

Colvin, Cofounder

Pixel came preaching, and now we are believers. We continue to work with them to be user-centric, and it certainly adds value to our decision-making process.


Andrés Nadal  

Wallbox, Head of Design

I think the best thing I've seen so far from Pixel, is the respect for the process. Executing a complete research and soaking us with information.

The values we live and work by.

Over the past 6 years, our multidisciplinary team based in Barcelona has helped companies in various industries and sectors across international markets.


People come first.


No bullshit, we save time and resources. 


We raise the the bar.


We are curious and humble.


We help and share.

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