A lean and user-centric research lab. 

Helping companies fast-track their route to innovation.

We are experienced problem-solvers and obtaining unbiased insights from real users is at the core of what we do. Our team of experts can design and execute a lean and user-centric approach specific to your team or company's objectives.


Investing time and money

where it matters most.

Most companies fail to prioritise their investments based on real user needs. We offer fast and cost-effective research iterations to gather data from real users and make insights actionable so you can make informed decisions.

Informing products,

services and experiences.

We established in Barcelona four years ago and have many happy clients across Europe and the US such as PortAventura World, Colvin, Wallbox, Haworth, Onedirect, amongst many others, all reaping the benefits of adopting a lean and user-centric approach.

What industry leaders say about us.

Gino Micacchi 

ABA English, COO

It’s definitely reassuring to bring a scientific method into our process. We have been able to validate hypothesis and insights before investing resources.

Marc Olmedillo 

Colvin, Co-founder

Pixel came preaching, and now we are believers. We continue to work with them to be user-centric, and it certainly adds value to our decision-making process.

Oscar Fonrodona  

Tangelo Games, Managing Director

From the very start, Pixel implemented the tools necessary to make informed decisions and work on our product designs with more clarity and insight.

We have great clients who trust us.

The values we live and work by.

Users come first

No bullshit

Help others

Raise the bar

Be curious

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