An evidence based approach.


When in doubt, research.

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Are you a curious entrepreneur looking to test or validate your business idea?

We can help you validate your ideas and prioritize your next actions. With a lean and user-centric approach, you can make informed decisions and allocate your resources where they matter the most.

Questions we can help you answer

 How can I validate my idea? 

 Is there a real need for my product or    service? 

 Who is likely to buy into my idea?

 How do I create real value with my          product or service?

 How feasible and viable is my idea?

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Are you looking to understand your users better and reach product-market fit?

We can support your team with lean & user-centric research methods to inform your business decisions, align your team towards shared goals and invest your resources where they matter most.

Questions we can help you answer

 Who are my clients or users?

• What are my user’s pains, gains, and      motivations?

• What can I do to make my service more  relevant?

• What will make my product reach market-  fit?

• Is the brand aligned with my real users?


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Does your business need to adapt to a new market’s demands or new ways of working?

With user-centric actions, training and facilitation, we can help you navigate through the uncertainty of the current times and make evidence-based decisions to adapt to future challenges.

Questions we can help you answer

 How can my team be more lean and      user-centric? 

• How can my team work together more  efficiently?

• What future trends will have an impact  on my business?

• How can I test the performance of my    product/service?

• How do I position in a continuously        changing market?

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Helping people fast-track their route to innovation. •

We are experienced problem-solvers. Our team of experts can design and execute a lean and user-centric approach specific to your objectives. Obtaining unbiased insights from real users is at the core of what we do.

Investing time and money where it matters most.

Most companies fail to prioritise their investments based on the users’ needs. We offer fast and cost-effective research iterations to gather data from real users, and provide actionable insights so that you can make informed decisions

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Informing the design of products, services and experiences.

We are passionate about social research. Our expertise allows us to execute "quick & clean" research iterations with cross-team collaboration. We work hard to understand the users and to find what makes them smile. 

Joan Ventura Altima

Joan Ventura 

Áltima, Directive Committee

To think about the future we had to break the current premises, put everything into question and develop hypotheses of the possible evolution, based on a deep knowledge of the "basics" of the business and its environment. With Pixel we have achieved it.


Marc Olmedillo

Dozen, Investment Director

We decided to contact Pixel in order to get to know our investors better and get rid of certain dogmas that we had acquired over time. I would work with them again with my eyes closed!

Juan Arnau Elrow

Juan Arnau  

Elrow, CEO

We wanted an online platform that was inclusive to all users. Pixel introduced processes and methods that allowed us to fast-track product design and development. Now we sell-out shows around the world from our own responsive website.

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Want to add creative and strategic minds to your next project?

As a part of the Miro Experts community we have developed our own templates and methodologies to help customers from all over the world to master and be successful.