Know your audience and test fast.


We are lean and user-centric.

We are passionate about social research, to seek proof, and find ways to make users smile. We work hard to find triggers, patterns, and insights. Our expertise allows us to execute "quick & clean" research iterations with cross-team collaboration.


Who are my clients?

Will they buy into my idea?

How can we help you?


Our expertise grants us access to a range of tools and canvases, to help your team align their efforts in just a few days.

Examples of Tools & Methods

Business Model and Canvases

Target Demographic/Jobs to be done

Customer Journey Map/User Journey

Business Service Blueprint

Trend Management Toolkit

And more…

Quick & Clean

We are experts qualified and equipped to ideate, prototype and test your product in a few weeks.

Examples of Tools & Methods

Sprint (Google Ventures)

Research Sprint (Google Ventures)

Design Thinking

Online Survey / Polls

Participatory Workshop

Rapid Prototyping

Usability Test

And more…

Not so quick, but clean

True to our purpose, we iterate the project based on findings and learnings collected from the various actions.

Examples of Tools & Methods

Sprint (Follow-up iteration)

Concept Testing and Exploration


Online Survey / Polls

User interviews

Participatory Workshops

Rapid Prototyping

Usability Test

And more…


We pride ourselves on our proven expertise to design and execute frameworks specific to our clients.

Examples of Tools & Methods

Field study

Mystery Shopper

Collaborative workshops

Focus groups

Competitive benchmark

Persona building

Journey mapping

User stories

Trend Analysis

Card sorting

Desirability studies

Rapid prototyping

Participatory design

Usability testing 


A/B Testing

Heuristic Evaluation

And more…

What industry leaders say about us.

Joan Ventura 

Áltima, Directive Committee

To think about the future we had to break the current premises, put everything into question and develop hypotheses of the possible evolution, based on a deep knowledge of the "basics" of the business and its environment. With Pixel we have achieved it.

Dr Michael O'Neill 

HumanSpace, Founder

Pixel helped us to make our software easy to use, created our branding, app design, and our marketing website. They are so effective because their process integrates an understanding of business strategy, brand, user experience and technology.

Juan Arnau  

Elrow, CEO

We wanted an online platform that was inclusive to all users. Pixel introduced processes and methods that allowed us to fast-track product design and development. Now we sell-out shows around the world from our own responsive website.

We have great clients who trust us.

The values we live and work by.

Users come first

No bullshit

Help others

Raise the bar

Be curious

We love to share our expertise.

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