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Design Thinking ahead of the sector




Industry / Sector

Funerary, Cemetery

Working together since

September, 2018

Collaboration status


Methods & Actions


Field Study

Trend Analysis


Design Thinking

About the client

Áltima is a company with expertise in the management of funerary services, funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries. With more than 300 years of experience in the funeral sector and a team of over 400 professionals, Áltima currently covers nearly 200 towns in Catalonia through 33 funeral homes, 7 crematorium complexes and 19 cemeteries, located mainly in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona.

Our story with them

What is the challenge? Why did you come to Pixel?
"I think the first project was a trend analysis to better understand the imminent changes in our sector. After years of relationship and many projects later, we are now adopting the Design Thinking methodology, so that it takes root and becomes best practice in the company to improve our products, services, and processes."

How is your experience working with us?
"We always enjoy and learn a lot from the projects we share with Pixel's team. We acquire new techniques and approaches that help us make future decisions."

What are your most valuable outcomes from this experience together?
"Discovering that deep down we were not so far from the concept of Design Thinking, only that we lacked method and with the evangelisation from Pixel, we are getting there!"

Could you share your happiest moment with us?
"During a past project, after a few weeks of sessions, discussions and interviews, we managed to align our vision to test a functional prototype for a product that did not exist in our company."

What would you say are our superpowers?
"We came to Pixel because they have a reputation for innovation consulting. Then we found your VIBRATION, SPEED, AND KNOWLEDGE. Vibration: You transmit emotion and spread it to the team, everything rolls much easier. Even in the moments when the teams are less “motivated”, you manage to lift them up and put them back in track. Speed: You inject a speed that we are not used to, based on small and fast processes. Knowledge: You are a research lab in continuous search for novelty, very scientific, always up to date with new trends and practices."


Jaume Echaurren

Director Operaciones Funerarias y Compras


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