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Improving metrics in the workplace




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Workplace Analytics

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January, 2016

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About the client

HumanSpace™ offers data-based insights to optimise and future-proof the workplace and WfH portfolio, higher-education or healthcare facility. Using proprietary AI tools, it can help develop spaces that act as a firewall against workforce stress, protecting well-being and improving performance and retention.


The analysis estimates the ROI of a workplace project spend, or ongoing facility costs, on workforce operating costs related to retention, amount and accuracy of work completed. These analytics also provide an estimate of the impact on workforce stress.

Our story with them

What is the challenge? Why did you come to Pixel?
"We needed a digital strategy that included a re-imagining of our business model and webApp."

How is your experience working with us?
"A great experience working with the Pixel team because of the diversity of the team members, a modern point of view, forward-thinking that challenged us to think differently about our approach."

What are your most valuable outcomes from this experience together?
"The most valuable outcome is a re-energised App that has securely positioned us for the future as our business evolves."

Could you share your happiest moment with us?
"Many happy moments but seeing the new website launched recently, after so much work, the simplicity and modern feel of it – along with the genuine warmth and enthusiasm of the Pixel team!"

What would you say are our superpowers?
"Cutting edge thinking, responsible risk-taking, and a deep understanding of evolving digital business considerations as a context for the solution."


Dr. Michael O'Neill



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