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Adopting a people-centric approach



Industry / Sector

E-commerce, Flowers & Plants

Working together since

June, 2018

Collaboration status


Methods & Actions

Online Surveys

Online Polls

Heat Maps



Branding Design

Mystery Shopper

Usability Tests

UX Prototyping

Product Validation

About the client

An online platform for the sale of flowers and plants, operating in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Colvin is committed to bouquets with exclusive designs created with the freshest flowers, which arrive directly from the producer.


With over 70 million euros in investment since its inception, Colvin is positioned in several rankings as one of the Top 5 startups in Spain (2020, 2021), and continues its journey to make the purchase experience of flowers and plants easier and more personal.

Our story with them

What is the challenge? Why did you come to Pixel?
“Our first research iteration was to better understand our most recurring users. We saw a lot of value early on in making evidence-based decisions, and we haven't stopped working together since.”

How is your experience working with us?
“Ease and flexibility. Two highly valued attributes in a company as fast as Colvin.”

What are your most valuable outcomes from this experience together?
“In all the projects we have worked with Pixel, the most valuable thing is the process and the focus on the client. Pixel's work methodology allows you to advance quickly and deeply. Furthermore, customer insights are always at the centre of decisions.”

Could you share your happiest moment with us?
“The Colvin store, full of users driven by a mad desire to contribute to the new look of the brand. It was very powerful! Everything was thought out and organised to get the best result. We remember it as a very hot day in August and full of positive energy.”

What would you say are our superpowers?

“The Fantastic 4: processes, knowledge, empathy, and energy.”


Sergi Bastardas




Aina Salvadó

Brand Director


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