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Dozen Investment:
Improving an investor's platform


Dozen Investment

Industry / Sector

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Working together since

April, 2021

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Methods & Actions

Literary Review

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About the client

Dozen Investments is the reference platform for investment in startups in Spain, offering its investors the possibility of investing in projects with high growth potential. Since 2015, Dozen has managed to build a portfolio with large companies such as Glovo, Skitude, Parlem or Swipcar, supporting both the startup in its growth and the investor throughout the process.


Through the platform, investors invest with a professional process (following Venture Capital methodologies) and totally online.

Our story with them

What is the challenge? Why did you come to Pixel?
“We decided to contact Pixel in order to get to know our investor better and get rid of certain dogmas that we had acquired over time.”

How is your experience working with us?
“I would work with Pixel again with my eyes closed!”

What are your most valuable outcomes from this experience together?
“It was key for us to understand what investors valued from our value proposition and what they did not, in order to fine-tune the services we provided.”

Could you share your happiest moment with us?
“After the project we carried out with Pixel, we got to know our investors, their motivations, and we have launched several projects to activate the insights extracted in the process.”

What would you say are our superpowers?
Instantly understanding what your client needs, executing projects with quality and agility.


Marc Olmedillo Diaz

Investment Director

Dozen Investment

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