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In-Edit Festival:
Digitising an industry



In-Edit Festival

Industry / Sector

Film, Documentary, Festival

Working together since

March, 2020

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About the client

The music documentary film festival In-Edit, was born 18 years ago in Barcelona and has already been held in more than 10 different countries, in some of them it has been going on for more than a decade, and has more than 30,000 spectators in cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo.


A cultural dissemination platform specialised in musical documentaries and other audiovisual genres focused on the world of music. This can be approached from any point of view, be it social, ideological, aesthetic, biographical, anthropological, among others.

Our story with them

What is the challenge? Why did you come to Pixel?
"We had a very “domestic” tool for ticket sales, designed by ourselves and with very limited functionalities. Some years ago we started to market B2B to other festivals, and we detected that we needed to evolve, generating a CRM on the industry of the cinema in festivals, commercial theatres and VOD."

How is your experience working with us?
"I think that the whole team from different parts of the world had the opportunity to see from the outside, how old this industry is and the need for imminent change. Reacting in this way, several of the most significant markets for our company and stimulating other players in the industry to join this innovation."

What are your most valuable outcomes from this experience together?
"The information, obviously, but also the rationale that followed when analysing the results achieved. It did NOT remain on the surface, instead it was deepened in an understandable, strategic and realistic way for the means and financial reality of the company."

Could you share your happiest moment with us?
"The moment to create, to imagine, the teams working together to assess the best way to scale the business model."

What would you say are our superpowers?
"Knowledge, vibration, energy, and commitment."


Uri Altell

Co-founder & CEO

In-Edit Festival

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